Other Services

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Discretionary Management

The Investment Management Team at FCS Funds and Capital Solutions expertly creates customised portfolios across all traditional and alternative asset classes tailored to each client’s unique risk/return profile. This is done following a thorough, in-depth analysis of the client, who they are, their liquidity priorities, their expected volatility target, their preferred degree of involvement and the amount of assets they wish to entrust us with. Each client is assigned a relationship manager, who will work closely with the client, keeping you regularly informed.

By avoiding bureaucracy at each step of the Investment Process, we are confident in giving clear and sound advice.

Financial Advisory

FCS Asset Management delivers a blend of personalised wealth management services to its diverse clientele. The Company offers a range of financial advisory services. The Financial Advisory business is defined by:


Relationship are built on the highest standards of service and integrity.


Senior-most people actively engage in client service and transactions.

Strong local expertise in major business centres, networked globally.

Objective advice, free from structural conflicts of interest.

Ideas and guidance built around each clients’ unique situation and needs.

No comparable creative solutions to our client’s most complex challenges.

Corporate Services Solutions

FCS Asset Management Ltd. is licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority. It forms part of an independent Financial Group, offering bespoke solutions to High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices and Corporate Clients. The Company will provide you with all the Domiciliary Agent Services that a Limited Liability Company may require.

Services Required by a Limited Liability Company


The Fee for the set-up of the incorporation of the Company would be a one time fee of EUR 1,500. This fee is not inclusive of the charges imposed by the Registry of Companies or any fees linked to the submission of the documents such as notarial fees.


FCS Asset Management will ensure that the company is set-up within 10 days from the receipt of all requested documentation.


Our company domiciliation services provide a dedicated corporate registered address for our clients, thus ensuring your company has a reputable domicile for receipt of all official company correspondence. The Company will maintain all statutory records and accounting documents which must be available for review.

FCS Securitization & Structured Products

FCS Fractal Notes DAC is regulated securitization vehicle suitable to issue structured notes and certificates .Our structured Product team comes from the well known team of Investor Solutions at Barclays Capital London. Currently, the vehicle is ready to issue private placements and public distribution of certificates although we limit the an Institutional Client Business. Up to now, there is a 20 Mio Euro Business Size. The pay offs of the notes are very variable with highly sophisticated capabilities. The underlying of the Notes is the following:

  • Equity Linked Certificates
  • Interest Rate Notes ( Range Accruals, Variable Floaters, Inverse Floaters)
  • Fund Liked Certificates
  • Index Linked Certificates
  • Private Equity Linked Certificates