About Us

FCS Asset Management Limited “FCS” is the first truly independent international UCITS Management Company. Authorised and Regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, with its Head Office in Malta, FCS is licensed to provide investment services. This includes management services to professional clients (including Collective Investment Schemes) and eligible counterparties, as well as investment advice to retail clients, professional clients (including collective investment schemes) and eligible counterparties. FCS is also authorised to provide investment management services to Alternative Investment Funds and is also a Recognised Fund Administrator.

FCS also offers a comprehensive range of Fund and Asset Management Services, including but not limited to Alternative Investments, Traditional Long-Only and Hybrid investment products and services, as well as being pioneers in the Distressed Asset arena. Due to the vast experience of the Team, FCS is able, and provides, a wide range of Pan-European services to its diverse client base which mainly includes Financial Institutions and Family Offices. The Team is proud to service its client base with the maximum level of transparency and honesty, ensuring commitment to the highest professional standards. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive market research and in-depth industry knowledge, FCS works with its client to provide the only added value we understand: real solutions.


Client Based

Relationships are built on the highest standards of service and integrity


Senior-most people actively engaged in client service and transactions


Objective advice, free from structural conflicts of interest

Our History Timeline

28th October 2011
4th November 2011
23rd December 2011
20th April 2012
14th December 2012
9th July 2013
6th November 2013
10th March 2014
4th June 2014
26th August 2014
23rd December 2014
19th August 2015
1st October 2015
FCS AM Registered in Malta
FCS AM obtains Category 2 Investment Services Licence to act as a Maltese Management Company
FCS AM takes over Investment Management of Self-Managed AIF in Luxembourg
FCS AM incorporates Maltese UCITS
FCS AM takes over Investment Management of Spanish UCITS
FCS AM establishes branch in Luxembourg
FCS AM Luxembourg AIF platform is incorporated (converted to UCITS platform in March 2016)
FCS AM obtains recognition to provide fund administration services
FCS AM obtains licence to act as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, having dual authorisation in terms of both the AIFM and UCITS Directive
FCS AM obtains licence to provide investment advise to Retail clients
FCS AM establishes branch in Spain
FCS AM Irish UCITS Platform is incorporated
FCS AM takes on sub-investment management of Spanish UCITS

Remuneration Disclosure

The Company is authorised as a UCITS Management Company pursuant to Directive 2009/65/EC and an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) pursuant to Directive 2011/61/EU. In addition, the Company is authorised to provide investment services to professional clients and eligible counterparties in terms of Directive 2004/39/EC (“MIFID”) and recognised as a Fund Administrator by the MFSA.

The Board of the Company has considered the application of the proportionality principle and, taking into account the regulatory requirements as well as ESMA and MFSA’s Guidelines, has determined that, given the size and internal organisation of the Company and the nature, scope and complexity of its activities, it is able on proportionality grounds to neutralise at the level of the whole Company, the remuneration rules relating to the pay-out process of the variable remuneration (Annex II, point (1),m) to o) of the AIFM Directive and Article 111ter, (1), points m) to o) of the UCIT Directive), and the requirement to establish a remuneration committee (Annex II, point (3) of the AIFM Law and Article 111ter, (3) of the UCITS Directive). The Remuneration Policy of the Company is available upon request.

Disclosure in terms of Directive (EU) 2017/828 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the “Shareholder Rights Directive II” or the “Directive”)

FCS Asset Management Ltd (“FCS”), in its capacity as Fund Manager, holds or may acquire holdings in public listed securities, which holdings would be subject to the provisions of the Directive.

In this respect, FCS has established an internal threshold of 2%, whereby in the event that it holds no more than 2% of the shares in circulation of any individual issuer, it shall not enter into engagement policies with its clients to promote shareholder engagement.  It is FCS’ view that the exercise of voting rights (or, indeed, failure to exercise voting rights) in holdings below 2% of the shares in circulation of any individual issuer would not have a material impact of the operations of such issuers.  However, entering into agreements under the Directive would entail additional costs to FCS’ clients.

Should at any time FCS (for its funds) hold more than 2% of the shares in circulation of any individual issuer, or should FCS enter into an agreement under the Directive for whatever reason, FCS will endeavor to make the necessary information publicly available within a reasonable time frame.

FCS will continue to manage any conflicts of interest through its Conflicts of Interest Policy, and will ensure responsible voting in the case of its holdings in public listed companies, irrespective of whether an engagement under the Directive is entered into.

For further information, kindly refer to the FCS Financials for 2022.